Why Persistence Always Wins over your Dance Talent

May 19, 2015

There may be the most naturally gifted person in your field, who may have a very supportive network who takes them to the top, they don’t even have to lift a finger!

However, if you are a persistent person. You’ll be able to catch up and surpass such a person along your journey. Below, we’ll talk about the 5 points where Persistence will take you to lofty heights with sheer ‘guts’.

1. While Talent runs Smoothly, Persistence Fights and Grows Stronger!

Where talented people run through their journey without many struggles towards their dreams, Persistent people fight and grow stronger with every obstacle. Before they know it, they’ve made their own talent which surpasses a naturally talented person!

2. Realise that Failure is Only a State of Mind

I can’t stress enough, how many people are afraid of failure. We all want to be diligent, able and successful in everything that we do, but the reality is we need a strength and experience to achieve those things.

Those strengths and experience are built up by trial and error, to know which method works for us and which doesn’t! The points which doesn’t work are called “failures”.

Understanding this changes our mindset to “I’m A work in progress, using failures to learn what works and what doesn’t work”

Persistence Failure

3. When ‘Motivation’ is weak ‘Quitting’ gets stronger

There will be many times where motivation is weakened by our ‘failures’, often quitting becomes a viable option. Don’t give in! Remember why you started your journey!

That love and passion for dance where did it come from? Maybe you danced in front of your family one Christmas and you felt great! Or maybe you once showed some people younger your routine and they were inspired!

Whatever it was remember it and keep it close to your when you feel at your weakest.


4. Rose Vs Dandelion | Talent Vs Persistence

There’s a philosophy taught through a Japanese animation (Honey and Clover), talking about Talent Versus Persistence.

Although the Rose is a beautiful flower and loved by all has a hard life, it’s an easy target for plant diseases, it’s eaten by many insects and it even hurts itself and others with it own thorns.

A lifeless rose is nothing in compared to a dandelion which is full of energy, can make its ways to anywhere by dispersing it’s seeds (Wishes) and making itself bright yellow for all the bees to see!

With enormous talents, requires big efforts otherwise it’ll wither away! We can learn alot from a persistent Dandelion.

5. Persistence will build your Confidence, Opportunities and Luck

With a persistent attitude in your dance career, you’ll see your confidence grow. Confidence is literally made out doing tasks that you cannot do, persisting at the task, then after being able to do the task. Opportunities comes to confident people which are perceived by other people as being “lucky”. (You can see we don’t believe in luck eh?).

Luck is created by ourselves by being in the right place at the right time, making the right responses, then following through with your talents. It’s all made by you! So persist and you’ll be up their with those fortunate and naturally talented.

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