Fix Your Dance Mistakes! – Discover The Science of “Practice Makes Perfect”

April 12, 2015

Making mistakes over and over leads us to practice until we’re blue in the teeth and sore in the toes. Here, we’ll talk about what’s going on in our brains when we practice and practice until we get things right!

1. Practice make PROGRESS not PERFECTION

Practice doesn’t make Pefect, actually ‘Practice makes Progress‘. With that in mind we can let go of the expectation of perfectation. What we need instead is have a particular goal in mind which is reasonable and achievable for us.

In this way, we won’t be disapointed if we can’t achieve our image of ‘perfection’. BUT be carefy not to set your goals too low! Otherwise we won’t have progress either! The best way to go about this is to know ourselves, our abilities and believe in what’s achievable and the timeframe is realistic.

We can’t rememebr a whole choreography set in 30minutes, that’s unrealistic, unless you know you have a super high level memory – then go for it!

2. Our Brain Builds New Memory Lanes

When we do new things like use new words, go to new places or use new combinations of Dance moves. Our brain literrally makes a new lane in itself so the information can pass through it easily the next time – a bit like making a path in your garden after it’s snowed.

Each time we do the same thing, our brain will use that same lane but each time it’ll get deeper and more defined.

So, if we do a particular series of dance moves over and over our brains will make a stronger and deeper connection for the information to flow between our heads to our body! Lately, scientific discovery has even found the same ‘memory lanes’ (Neorons)  in our hearts! Likely where the saying “Dancing off by heart” may come from!

Ancient Egyptians used to throw away the brains of people who passed away and keep their hearts, they believed it was special. Perhaps they had some secrets! Hmmm.

3. Habits that Help or Destroy us

We’re creators of Habit! We do mainly the same things everyday – Wake up, Eat Breakfast, Go to Work, Have Lunch, Continue to work, Go home, Have Dinner, Watch our favorite show, Go to Sleep.

Obviously, it varies a lot for different people. Sometimes we build up positive habits and sometimes negative ones. It is also a practice!

The trick is to become aware of the things that we do everyday and to work on which ones that we want to keep and others that we want to get rid of.  Maybe we want to set an excersise regime to do in the morning before we have breakfast, so make sure you set your alarm in the morning.

Perhaps, you want to stop with having a bad postiture as you sit down. You have to pay attention, but don’t worry, it’ll soon become second nature and you won’t have to think about it:

4. Make Habits in Only 21 Days

If we stick at something for 21 Days straight, we’ll form a new habit. It’s that easy.
Even when we feel we won’t remember something, no matter how hard we try to, the science doesn’t lie!

As the drivers of our bodies, all we have to take care of is the will power we need to put in building up to the 21 day mark. See this video talking about the 21 Day Rule.

You Say You Wanna Make a Habit - Epic Science #80

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