7 Steps to Avoid Rejection at Dance Auditions

April 6, 2015

So, you’re at your Dance Audition and you’re Dancing your butt off then the Auditioner doesn’t pick you! Why? You worked just as hard as everyone else right?

Well to reduce chances of not being picked or just plain being rejected, here are 7 Steps to Avoid being rejected at Dance Auditions:

1. Think from the Auditioner’s Point of View

Get into their mindset. Ok let’s think, they will sit and watch many dancers similar to yourself, possible 100’s of people applying for the same position as you. So what do you do? Think what they’re thinking! Find out as much information about your position as possible, listen to the music, try to think from the point of view of the concept writer.

Feel the part from your Heart rather than your Mind. Your behaviour will match this and you will be more likely to enact the type of performance that your auditor is looking for.

2. Dress the Part

Being completely in your own unique realm, an individual of your own with a personal style is very powerful. You’ll be remembered. Mediocrity is your enemy! Dressing with Dancewear which helps you to stand out from the crowd and represents your intense passion for Dance will do you wonders.
Would you ever dream of going to a job interview without a Suite? Nope, didn’t think so!
This is why Lost Spirit Lounge is in this Dancewear game, bringing Fashion to Dancers so you can Stand Out, get the Jobs that you want, get the Progress and Fame that you want!


3. Smile and be Genuinely Friendly

Our human brains have been programmed to respond positively to positive behaviours. This can friendly gestures such as a pat on the back or even come down to just a smile. In our modern working society, it isn’t the most talented who are the most successful, in fact its the people who are most known (Most liked people). This where the term “Starving Artist” comes from, often extremely talented Artists, Scientists, Mathematicians, Authors and just about any very talented person won’t go anywhere without the ability to network!

To network, requires social skills and social skills require a happy, friendly attitude! Did you know that even Abraham Lincoln was as a bit of an ******* (I’ll leave that to your imagination). Well he learnt to change his attitude and now people say “What would Lincoln do?”.
A great book for learning friendly behaviours is How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

4. Stay Calm


Keep a cool head. You’ll be a lot less likely to make mistakes. Did you know our minds work like how a computer does? Imagine many programs or apps running in the background while you’re trying to browse the internet or play some music, what happens? It runs slow or freezes. Well if you close the background apps then you’ll run a lot smoother. So, if you close your background thoughts like worries, concerns and other distracting thoughts then you’ll be able to focus on your main task, performing!

Practising Meditation or Yoga can greatly enhance your concentration on your task, as it calms your body and your mind through the movements and increased breathing.

Stand out at Dance Auditions Dancewear
Stand out at Dance Auditions Dancewear
Dancewear Stand out at Dance Auditions

5. Visualise already getting the part

Like all great champions in sport such as Boxing, Tennis or even general Athletics they visualise winning before they have even started. This is because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real life and an imagined thought. So, if you think about the situation long enough your mind will follow and so will your body.


6. Warm up

Getting yourself ready and focused for the tasks ahead is very important. We never jump out of bed and break into running at top speed. So, why would we do the same here? Stretch and Dance in the morning before the Audition. Dance all the way to the venue – Well not really, but if you have the confidence to then go ahead!


7. Eat Well

Breakfast, as we all know is the most important meal of the day. So, make sure you fill up with foods which will great for your performance. Foods with Carbohydrates and Natural occurring Sugars such as a Potatoes, Pastas, Bananas. Check with a health expert for your particular body type.

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